Social Media Management

How many times have you turned to Facebook or Twitter to ‘ask the audience’ before buying a new car, saddle or pair of boots?

When in a purchasing cycle for business, how often have you trawled through LinkedIn to look at what the competition is doing and saying, or what industry leaders are offering?

In 2013 Forbes reported that purchasers will generally be 60% of the way through their buying process before even speaking to sales, and with that being increased to 67% in 2015, what can we be doing to engage prospects earlier?

“Your shop window to the world, with 72% of buyers use social media to research making their purchasing decisions”

Social media has fast become your shop window to the world, with judgements made about you before people have even met you.  With businesses adopting more advanced technology in order to manage social media, brands are getting the message out there, but how can individuals take ownership of their social sales strategy?

  • By creating bio centric profiles via LinkedIn to position oneself as a thought leader, making it an interesting feed of topics and insights rather than just an online CV.
  • By listening and engaging the market and individuals through Twitter. Follow at a macro and micro level to beat the gatekeepers, identify influencers and build relationships prior to meetings, for considered purchase sales.  Listen and engage the wider market through groups and page threads, be the voice of authority – the expert with influencing advice.
  • Influence via blogs, vlogs and micro blogging. Not only should we be connecting with influencers we should be influencers.  People buy from people after all.
  • Bring sales and marketing teams together by sharing ownership of social sales.
  • Marketing teams should empower sales with the relevant skills and the ability to nurture leads through social and in return sales should be continuing to promote thought leadership ideas and brand messaging to ensure that time spent on social is optimised.
  • Let your personality shine through whilst keeping brand styles in mind.
  • Use engaging content – images that will guarantee Facebook shares and beat the business page algorhythms.  Did you know I managed to reach 250,000 people on Facebook with a single image and a base following 2,000? The result was 500 extra followers in 24 hours and 4x the average daily website hits for 72 hours!
  • Collaborate – don’t be afraid to work with others for mutual benefit.

The buzz word of the moment seems to be digital disruption – so disrupt!

Disrupt the buying process by engaging early, by leveraging different relationships on different levels and in different ways.

But what about the competition? If we are all adopting social selling, then so are the competition.  Social then becomes a powerful took for keeping an eye on what others are doing.

Social business tools can alert you in advance to shifts in positioning.  By monitoring what competitors are saying, and specifically what the individuals are saying and who they are connecting with, you can spot competitive movement earlier and have more chance to react sooner, retaining the smallest of differentiators and competitive advantage that you may have.

Our Social Media services include:

  • Social Media Workshops – interactive sessions around best practice, the pitfalls and dangers of social, the commercial benefits and constructing a social strategy
  • Social Strategy Definition – building a plan that works for you
  • Social Coaching – not sure on how to get social? We can help there too
  • Social Media Management – hand over the reins and we’ll manage everything for you
  • On Event Social Media Management – reach millions via social media during your event with engaging social media content.


Services are available on a monthly retainer, fix rate packages or ‘pay to play’ day rates.